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Oklahoma Municipal Clerks, Treasurers, and Finance Officials Association

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Since 1957, the Oklahoma Municipal Clerks, Treasurers and Finance Officials Association (OMCTFOA) has promoted, enhanced and encouraged the professional development and standing of clerks, treasurers and finance officials through cooperative communication, education and training.

I encourage you to become a part of this organization and take part in the many educational and networking opportunities it offers.  These include the Spring Institute and Academy Sessions which OMCTFOA offers three scholarships for qualified members, the Fall Conference in October at the Wes Watkins Center in Stillwater.  This year the conference dates are October 20th the pre-conference, the 21st -23rd regular sessions.  Again, OMCTFOA offers 5 (five) first time attendee scholarships.  Throughout the year there are many local and state seminars and workshops.  OMCTFOA also offers one scholarship to the National Conference to a qualified member.  All of the scholarship applications are on the web-site. 

I am honored to serve as your 2015 OMCTFOA President.  We have a great board that are already planning and working on your behalf.   We are here to serve you and your needs at all times.  A list of the current board members will be on the web-site so we will be able to help answer any questions you might have concerning the conferences or a general question relating to city business.  If you have any input regarding sessions or ideas you would like to see at the conference feel free to call me (405-454-2951) or email me at .

As always I look forward to seeing you and participating with you in our 2015 activities.


Cindy Pollard

City Clerk

Harrah, Oklahoma      

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This web site is a joint venture between the Oklahoma Municipal Clerks, Treasurers and Finance Officials (OMCTFOA), the Oklahoma Association of Public Treasurers, United States & Canada (OAPT US&C) and the Government Finance Officers Association of Oklahoma (GFOAO).  

In an effort to provide our members, potential members and associate members with vital information relevant to their professions and to promote current and upcoming events of the association(s), information is posted here to raise awareness of not only the different associations but also workshops, conferences and various trainings sponsored by these and other affiliated associations.   We hope you enjoy your visit here and find the information presented very helpful.   

Please navigate the far left side buttons through the various pages on this web site to find valuable information as well as instant links to other web pages and sites, which we hope will all be of interest to you and assist you in your daily responsibilities.   As with most, this web site is a constant work-in-progress so we welcome your comments as a way to make it more useful to you and somewhere you will want to return. 

In addition, a contact list of current board members is located under the button of each organization.   Anyone listed will be happy to answer your questions or listen to your comments and/or concerns, so please feel free to contact them.  

Thank you for viewing our web site and we look forward to your return visit very soon.  


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